Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Is That All There Is?

Jesus, this whole week has slipped by me. I keep working on updates for both blogs and end up getting screwed (really, screwing myself) out of time. Here's my new lazy version of my posting promise: I will, if it kills me, at least do a new post by Thursday of each week. For now, I leave you with these exciting developments:

Lindsay Lohan sex tape! Jessica Alba topless photos! Asian schoolgirls tight pussy fucking action! Thousands of free full-length porn videos! Drunk teen loses her virginity! MILF bukkake party! Unreleased U2 album available for download! Tits, tits, tits! This young hottie loves overweight men with tiny cocks! Get oxycontin legally! Win a 2009 Porsche Boxster! Tits, tits, tits! Find a fuck-buddy in your area! Jesus is coming back - click here to find out when! Free monkeys! Some stupid fucking athlete whose name I don't know's signed 5,000,000th home run ball! GTA4 for only $2.99! Toby Keith takes it up the ass! Your free gift: My balls across your nose, bitch! Obama chooses running mate! Troop withdrawal from Iraq announced! Me make poo-poo in me pantaloons! 50 Cent vs. Jason Mraz in caged death match! Sharon Stone's failed career result of karma! Tits, tits, tits!

Sorry. Just want to see how many Google hits I get off that.


LiteralDan said...

I think you are about to overtake Yahoo in the all-Internet search rankings.

Son Of Jor-El said...

Hell yes!! This blog is the sh*t :D