Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Very Short Entry Today - I'm Going Home Early (Why? None of your fuckin' beeswax)

Entertainment Weekly, Jan. 11, 2008

You were on the mark when you said Linda Evangelista would be an America's Next Top Model judge worth waking up for (News & Notes, #968)! She's $10,000 of amazing!
Anjela Price

San Diego

"Patent the process for isolating radium? That would be antithetical to the true spirit of science!"

OMG LOL! She so totally is $10,000 of amazing! Maybe even, like, $11,000! Giiiiirl, every time I tune into that show now, I think, "Damn, EW was hella on the mark when they wrote that!", cuz I'm all like, "This is a judge worth waking up for, for real!", then I let out a little squeal, you know how I do, cuz damn, y'all, I just get so excited when I read something in literature and shit that so awesomely encapturates my own most innermost thoughts and feelings about the world but that I couldn't really enunciate on my own! It's like, yeah, we really are all connected, cuz we're all thinking and feeling the same things deep down even if we can't always put it into proper speech and whatnot cuz we didn't all have the beneficiary of going to journalistic school to be able to put things in such a succinct manner and henceforth. But whatevs - look at me, getting all emo and stuff over a TV show! No, but really though, nowadays when I watch America's Next Top Model, that quote's always in my head, and it adds a whole new dimension to my enjoyability of the show, so when it comes time for the final judge-a-thon thingy (why do they always cut to a commercial right when they're about to announce who's going home? It drives me so crazy!), and Linda Evangelista comes on, I always catch a big happy smile sneaking across my face, and I nod and say to myself, "That's right, EW, you called it once again, cuz this chick is da bomb-diggity of all time!". Then my boyfriend usually comes home and beats me.

I'm haunted by the freakish size of Nancy Reagan's head,

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Anonymous said...

Oh Linda, Linda, wherefore art thou dearest Linda?